Bees & Wasps
Bees are beneficial and important to have but when a person has a life threatening allergy to them, it doesn't matter how beneficial they are, they have to be removed from the property. We can either carefully & strategically treat the bees (not Honeybees) or we carry bee traps at our office, that provides a safe alternative and deterrent. These traps are recommended to put out in the early spring when the queen bees are first looking to building their nest. The attractant lures them into the trap and prevents them from building nests on or around your home. It does not attract Honeybees or other bees other than Yellow Jackets.

List of bees we treat and/or remove:
Yellow Jackets & Wasps

Bald Faced Hornets

Bumble Bees (only if life threatening)

We take pride in providing healthy habitats for Honeybees and Mason Bees at our office. We have added new habitats to our gardens for the bees and beneficial insects.

We keep local beekeeper's phone numbers on hand in case we receive a Honeybee call. Call our office for a free onsite estimate or to receive more information at 888 881 7333.

Resourceful websites:
Washington State Beekeepers Association

Oregon State Beekeepers Association
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