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Flea Treatment Preparation

Preparation must be very thorough in order to eliminate fleas from your home. Follow this checklist closely. Any step not performed before treatment will affect the results.

The following items need to be done prior to the treatment:

  1. Remove all articles of clothing, shoes, children, toys, pet toys, pet food and water bowls from floor and place on a table.
  2. Vacuum all floor areas thoroughly, concentrating on areas where your pet spends time. Be sure to vacuum crevices along floor edges, even on tile and wooden floors.
  3. Vacuum all upholstered furniture thoroughly, concentrating on areas under cushions and seams.
  4. Remove bag from vacuum IMMEDIATELY, wrap it in a plastic trash bag and dispose of it in your outside trash. This step is critical. Fleas and their pupae will re-infest the home if you do not remove the bag.
  5. Now is the time to carpet clean if it was on your list of things to do.
  6. Wipe down hard surface floors with soap and water; it will help collect any food immature fleas feed on.
  7. Remove and wash all bedding as well as pet bedding.
  8. Cover any fish tanks with a heavy sheet, blanket or towel. Also, unplug the air pump.
  9. Mow lawn and dispose of the clippings before treatment, especially if lawn is being treated.
  10. Remove all pets from the home including birds, fish, reptiles, etc.
  11. Treat your cat/dog with a veterinary approved material the same day as your home is treated. Flea collars are not as efficient.

The following items need to be done after the treatment:

  1. Do not vacuum for 1 day. After the waiting period, vacuum as much as possible. Repeat the process of vacuuming and discarding the vacuum bag as listed above.
  2. Do NOT carpet clean at this point. If you do, all materials will be lifted from you carpet and you will no longer have protection. It can takes fleas several weeks to go through their life cycle, so it is crucial that our material stays on your carpet.

If you have pets, it is important to have your lawn treated as well inside your home. If not, they will eventually be picked up by a person or pet and carried back into the home, causing a reinfestation.

Keep in mind that you will still see some fleas for a few days after the treatment. You must allow 21 days from the treatment date for the flea activity to stop.