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Moisture Ants

Moisture Ants are very common in the Pacific Northwest. While typically known for their presence in open agricultural settings, moisture ants have been observed causing isolated damage to wood structures.


Moisture Ants tend to be a secondary structural pest when found in a dwelling. Oftentimes they are found where fungi or rot damage is already established. Similar to carpenter ants, moisture ants will bore out fungi rot wood as well as adjacent sound wood and extend their colony into the area. They are commonly found nesting in areas of the sub or crawl space area as well as damaged subflooring and wall voids. They can leave behind frass deposits similar to carpenter ants, yet it tends to be darker in color due to the higher concentration of rot damaged wood material. Moisture ants also build mud tubes that are often mistake for subterranean termites.

Preventative Treatment & Control

The most common conducive condition for moisture ants are from form boards which were left in the ground after a home's foundation had been poured. As these form boards begin to decay, they become prime nesting areas for moisture ants

Follow these preventative steps to help manage and prevent the problem from reocurring:

  • Remove any wood debris and form boards from your crawl space.
  • Install 6 millimeter black plastic vapor barriers to all exposed soil surfaces in the crawl space.
  • Make certain there is proper ventilation in the crawl space.
  • Reduce the moisture from underneath and any/all visible plumbing leaks.

Eradipest has had much experience in dealing with these pests in Western Washington and can make a solution to fit your needs. We utilize top of the line equipment as well as earth friendly practices.