Indoor Odorous House Ants

Indoor Odorous House Ants, commonly referred to as Sugar Ants, are common pests these days. The reason they are called Odorous House Ants is because when crushed, they expel an odor similar to rotten coconuts. They are often referred to as Sugar Ants due to the fact that they are often attracted to sweet foods such as juices, fruit, humming bird feeders and other sweets. In fact Odorous House Ants can detect dropped fruit within minutes and will send scouting ants to investigate.

These ants are typically seen in kitchens around food items and in bathrooms. It is important to control them before they become a problem as they can be challenging to eliminate once colonies reach maturity and branch out throughout one’s home. Seeing these ants does not mean there is a sanitation issue but spilled sugar drinks and unclean environments can lead to a quicker establishment.

It is important to utilize both baits and non-repellant products when dealing with Indoor Odorous House Ants because they will detect chemicals and, either move their colony, or simply go around the product. Most store bought products do not work for these ants as they contain scents/smells (repellants) that may kill them on contact, but does not get to the root of the problem.
Vinegar, pine sol, essential oils and other home remedies are also repellants but do not eleminate the ants.

Often times these ants require professional pest control. Keep in mind that if these ants are established, it may take several trips before they are gone. Treatments vary per situation but always involve indoor crack and crevice practices utilizing safe products. It’s important to treat a house thoroughly for these ants and may involve follow-up services.