The Anobiidae is the most common wood infesting beetle in Western Washington. These beetles are responsible for most of the damage to wooden structures.

There are three common woodboring beetles in Washington:

  • Deathwatch Beetles (Anobiidae)
  • True Powderpost Beetles (Lyctidae)
  • False Powderpost Beetles (Bostricidae)

One reason the Anobiid Beetle is so widespread is their ability to infest both hardwoods and softwoods. Another reason, is due to the high amount of moisture found in Western Washington. They require 13% to 18% moisture content to survive. Wooden foundation members such as floor joists, main beams, sill plates, and support posts, are susceptible to infestation by the Anobiid. Since most infestations develop rather slowly, damage is usually detected in homes over ten years old. However overtime and if untreated, these beetles can completely destroy a foundation, leaving a powdery frass substance as the only remains.

Infestation can be determined by the presence of fine sawdust or frass, exiting the small holes. This determines that the Anobiids are present and actively feeding. Often, powdery frass is all that remains of a wooden structure.

Preventative Treatment & Control

Treatments for these beetles should always start with moisture control. Obviously, this can be a challenging task along the coastal communities. Apply moisture barriers to all exposed soil surfaces in the crawl space using 6 millimeter black plastic. Be sure the crawl space is properly vented for good air circulation. Eliminate any and all conditions that cause the wood to become moist. Correct any problems with standing water, even if “seasonal.” Install a sump pump if necessary.

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