A large colony of termites can be extremely destructive to your home and your home’s foundation. It is crucial to your home’s wellbeing to take immediate action if termites are detected.


The termite is our largest species, the winged forms may exceed one inch. The Queen Dampwood Termite is 1 inch long, has two body segments and is light brown in color. The queen is the biggest termite out of the colony and will only be seen during swarming season, which occurs in the late summer or early fall. Another type of dampwood termite is a soldier termite. They look similar to a queen with the exception of their large mandibles, approximately 3/4 inch in length. Since there are no workers in this species, the nymphs of soldiers and reproductives perform this function. They tend to be 1/2 inch long and are cream colored.

Diet & Myths

Many believe Dampwood Termites appear only in dry rot areas, this is a false statement. Dampwood Termites normally start in wet or rotten wood, however they can spread to fresh wood. Dampwood Termites prefer wood that is high in moisture.

Termites are often mistaken for ants. The most noticeable difference between the two is that termites have straight beadlike antennaes, while those of ants are elbowed.

Termites produce holes or galleries in which they live and nest. They are able to feed on wood or wood products because their digestive tracts contain microorganisms that convert the cellulose in wood into usable food.

Preventative Treatment & Control

Dampwood Termite treatment first begins by eliminating and repairing unsound wood and correcting any and all moisture problems that exist. Then, a technician will thoroughly inspect your foundation and property. We use an emusifiable concentrate termiticide which is applied to all the wood foundation. This material is absorbed into the wood, killing termites on contact and leaving a lasting residual for protection. Wall voids can also be injected with the termiticide which protect the wall studs and bottom plates.

We specialize in termite control offering the best EPA approved materials to ensure the elimination of the termite infestation as well as utilizing environment friendly practices. Call our office for a free onsite estimate at 888 881 7333.