Indoor Odorous House Ants

Indoor Odorous House Ants have become more common over the past years. These ants are typically seen in kitchens around food items and in bathrooms. It is important to control them before they become a problem as they can be challenging to eliminate once colonies reach maturity and branch out throughout one’s home. Seeing these ants does not mean there is a sanitation issue but spilled sugar drinks and unclean environments can lead to a quicker establishment.

It is important to utilize both baits and non-repellant products when dealing with Indoor Odorous House Ants because they will detect chemicals and, either move their colony, or simply go around the product.

Treatments vary per situation but always involve indoor crack and crevice practices utilizing safe products. It’s important to treat a house thoroughly for these ants and may involve follow-up services.

We utilize environment friendly practices and take all factors into consideration.