Spiders thrive in the Pacific Northwest due to the high amount of moisture and year round mild temperatures. The three most common nuisance spiders in the Pacific Northwest are the Hobo spiders (Aggressive House Spider), the Orb, and the Wolf spiders. Spiders are predators which feed on insects and are quite beneficial to our environment. Except for webbing and egg sacs, spiders will not damage a house or its contents.

Hobo Spider:

Hobo spiders are commonly seen in the Pacific Northwest. They are among the most common spiders in and around houses. Hobo spiders are also known as the Aggressive House Spider or Funnel Weaver, because they like to build funnel webs in dark, moist areas. Indoors, hobo spiders are commonly found in crawl spaces, basements and garages. Typically, the largest hobo spider populations are in sub-area crawl spaces under homes and decks. Outdoors, common places are wood piles and stored debris. Hobo spiders can be found nesting virtually anywhere their living conditions are met.

There is good reason to believe that the hobo spider is responsible for a number of human spider bite cases involving skin lesions and occasionally, serious illnesses. Most bites occur when the spider is pressed against the skin due to them hiding inside our clothing and shoes. Most of these bites were previously blamed on the “Brown Recluse”

Preventative Treatments & Control For All Spider Species:

Eradipest will safely and effectively eliminate spider infestations utilizing the latest technology and most effective EPA approved materials in the industry. Our guaranteed spider prevention program commence with treating crawl spaces along with an exterior application of our materials. The garage and interior areas of the home are also treated using crack and crevice treatment methods. After the initial treatment is completed, your technician will set you up on a monthly maintenance program, guaranteeing long term control.

We specialize in all types of pest control while utilizing environment friendly practices.