Home Health

Home Health Check

In our Home Health services at Eradipest, we go beyond the basics to ensure your home not only remains pest-free but also maintains its structural integrity and indoor air quality. By focusing on both the crawl space and exterior of your home, our experts conduct a thorough investigation to identify any potential or existing issues that could compromise your home’s health.

Crawl Space Inspection

  • Pest and Rodent Evidence: Looking for any indicators of unwelcome guests or structural harm.
  • Wood-Destroying Insects: Identifying signs of termites or other insects that compromise wood integrity.
  • Insulation and Vapor Barrier Evaluation: Checking for damage to insulation and the effectiveness of the vapor barrier in moisture control.
  • Conducive Conditions Assessment: Identifying any issues that could encourage pest presence or damage.

Exterior Inspection

  • Pest and Damage Identification: Searching for any signs of pests or the damage they’ve caused.

  • Vent Examination: Ensuring vents are intact and not inviting to pests.
  • Conducive Conditions: Identifying areas that might attract pests or contribute to infestations.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Covering a wide array of factors to ensure the exterior is safeguarded against pests.

Ensuring Your Home’s Health

Choosing our Home Health service means securing a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s exterior and crawl space areas, pinpointing potential risks and implementing strategies to mitigate them. We provide detailed insights and actionable solutions to protect your home from pests, damage, and other health risks, ensuring a safer, healthier living environment for you and your family. With Eradipest, rest assured your home’s health is in expert hands.