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Cockroach Treatment Preparation

Preparation must be very thorough in order to eliminate roaches from your home. Follow this checklist closely. Any step not performed before treatment may affect the results.

The following items need to be done prior to the treatment:

  1. Clean kitchen thoroughly, including floors, stove and counter tops. If possible, pull out refrigerator and clean underneath. All cleaning should be done before treatment.
  2. Remove all items from every kitchen cupboard, drawer, and shelf. Place the items in another room either in plastic bags or covered with sheets. Any food removed from the cabinets must either be in sealed containers or placed in the refrigerator.
  3. Remove shelf paper (except for contact paper) and clean the cupboards prior to the treatment. Remove all items from under the sink areas.
  4. Remove all items from closets and place on bed. Move furniture and other items out from walls at least 2 feet.
  5. Remove all pets from the premises, as well as aquariums or fish tanks.
  6. Be prepared to stay out of the building for 6 hours. Infants and elderly people should remain out for 8 hours.

The following items need to be done after the treatment:

  1. Ventilate your house before re-entry if there is an odor present. Open all windows and doors if necessary.
  2. Please allow shelves and pantry to dry before storing. Cover them with shelf paper or newspaper before storing food items. Do not wash shelves for 2 weeks. Vacuum all dead roaches and dispose of bag.
  3. Thoroughly wash all dishes that were exposed to treatment, appliances, utensils, baby toys and pet dishes.
  4. Move appliances back to their place. It is important that you do not clean behind them after treatment is performed; cleaning will remove our products.
  5. Sanitation is essential for cockroach control. Do not allow garbage to accumulate, store pet food in closed containers, sweep and mop floors often, etc.

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